In PRWeek an interview with Neville Hobson. He produces the For Immediately Release Podcasts. Interesting article to read the opinion about his passions and ideas on weblogs and podcasting. Some quotes which inspires me:

“For me, the great appeal with media such as these is how you can employ them as a highly effective way to create and build relationships with people that otherwise would not happen.” 
“It stimulates conversation that can lead to a meeting of minds.“
“But I also believe that just trying something out to see what happens can be a valid way to use a communication tool, especially one that’s new, where the instruction manual is still being written.“
Going forward, I believe that knowing who your listeners are will be increasingly important as podcasting becomes commercialized (as it undoubtedly will) and the need to provide more accurate demographic information about your audience becomes more important.”
“I say – go for it. If you have an idea or opinion, if you want to articulate that idea or opinion, do it.”