John Bell works for Ogilvy the famous advertising firm according to Robert Scoble. I read through some postings of him and must say it is pretty good stuff out there. Writing about corporate blogging and especially the influence of it. In this posting he writes about the bond which weblogs create between a company and the customer (oh no not that word again). I better use: weblogger and reader. But the influence of the weblogger is great in creating brandloyalty. On the Synergy Congres Jan Sinnema of ING already described what the influence of bonding is. It is more than branding. It creating a real personnal loyalty. You could call it Emotion Equity.
John Bell quotes Robin Dindayal:

“Blogs allow for conversation alignment between customers and companies
The "human face" of blogs help companies develop stronger relationships with their customers”

I had a posting on this some minutes ago. But now comes the fine part. Robert Scoble is posting that marketeers pay too much attention to the head of the tail. He thinks:

“The real interesting action will not be in the blogs everyone has heard about already.”

He thinks this is important because in the long tail there weblogs with readers which highly trust the writers. And that is bonding, loyalty, emotion equity. So better have a good mixture of the head and the long tail.

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