A great posting I read via the del.ico.us postings of cbastura. It is all about enterprise blogging. In the presentation of Michael Angeles working at Bell Labatories’, Lucent Technologies, you will get a great overview of inside information on the experiments at Lucent in incorporating weblogs as communciation and information management tool. But what is most important in the success? Michael Angeles’ ideas:

“I reiterated my belief that a healthy ecology depends on the freedom for individuals to express their needs. That is to say, I think that the urge to blog should be self-motivated and that when someone publishes because they feel the need to, they are more likely to sustain that publishing as long as the need exists. Self-motivation is ownership of the process. Requiring people to blog doesn’t make sense. I can’t believe that the process will be honest, conversational and open if the need doesn’t arise organically.

At KM sessions I’ve been to, I’ve heard vendors suggest that motivation is the factor that will drive KM software success. To that point, the vendor suggested incentivising contribution by matching with monetary rewards. I think this is entirely wrong. One of the reasons we see weblogs having some success at being used for information and knowledge management today is because it represents the opposite view — one that suggests that motivation to publish and share knowledge should be an individual matter and should be owned and controlled by the individual rather than mandated from above. Weblogs and wikis are a grassroots revolution, not a idea cooked up by management.”

KM stands for Knowledge Management. And again the bottom-up approach is seen as crucial.