HBR IdeaCastHarvard Business Review heeft nu ook een podcast: IdeaCast. Ze schrijven:

“The HBR IdeaCast™  is a free biweekly podcast featuring breakthrough management ideas and commentary from the editors and authors of Harvard Business School PublishingTo listen to the HBR IdeaCast™ from your desktop, click here.”

Natuurlijk hebben ze ook een webfeed (RSS).

Er zijn nu 2 afleveringen:

Podcast 1:
What every organization needs to know about the Avian Flu; how to bust those organizational silos; a guided trip inside the mind of the Chinese consumer…you may be surprised at what you discover.
Podcast 2:
· How to Manage the Alpha Male:  Whether he’s your boss, your subordinate, your colleague, or your client, learn how to get the best of what the Alpha Male has to offer.
· Harnessing the Strategic Power of Trust.  In a world of virtual teams and widely dispersed operations, managers need to get serous about using trust as an operational tool.

De moeite van het beluisteren waard.

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