On December 8th I am invited to speak on the seminar: "How to create integrated Offline and Online experiences" of European Centre for the Experience Economy on the subject: The Art of Weblogging: how to create a community.
I am very honoured to do this, because other great presenters take part, such as Joe Pine (author of the bestseller The Experience Economy) and Mark William Hansen, Chief Experience Officer of Lego.
For the complete program you can download the brochure in pdf. Below you can find a brief introduction of the seminar. I hope to meet you there.

How to create integrated `Offline and Online’ experiences

A major shift is currently taking place that can be characterized as a movement formerly dominated by ‘tell and sell’ through traditional mass media to ‘ask & engage’and to personalised focus through new media. We are returning to a human scale in our thought and actions and the focus is shifting from ‘the supplier’ to ‘the individual person’. Up untill today, most activity in the so-called ‘Experience Economy’ has focused on real-world encounters. The European Centre for the Experience Economy invites you to participate in learning by sharing workshop about the opportunities for using digital technology to enhance those experiences and for staging immersive, engaging virtual experiences and enhances your knowledge on Experience Design & Value Creation, both off-line and on-line. This seminar and its supplementary workshops are designed for business developers and
marketing and communication executives.