Wow. That must have been an inspiring day that: Scratchathon at Six Apart. A lot of new features and a lot of fun I read. But I saw another nice new feature which is not mentioned. I do not know how long it is in place, but it has the note: New. Now it is possible to have a connection with the instant messaging tool. Just insert the info in the profile and check the box and it should work. Did this for my Skype-id. Then did some experiments with it. An skype icon is implemented in the sidebar with the id. When clicking Skype is started. But what bothers me is that the status is not updated and the title of the thing is: on-line status…..Perhaps the dutch version is not fully in place. Must be. Because I also do not see the podcast option in my wysiwyg editor as described here.
Hé Tatsuhiko what’s up with this? And what about the instant messaging?

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