WommaOp de WOMMA site staan alle presentaties in pdf van de WOMMA summit van 29 en 30 maart 2005! Ik heb ze hieronder even neergezet.

State of the Industry: Word of Mouth Marketing in the Year Ahead
What is Word of Mouth Marketing?
Ethics in Word of Mouth Marketing
– Measuring Word of Mouth: 1, 2 en 3
Consumer Respect, Consumer Control, Consumer Trust and Marketers Learning to Live With It
Selling the dream
Blogs: Creating and using them to spread WOM
Working with Online Communities
– Customer Evangelists: Motivating Customers to Talk About You: 1 en 2
– Buzz: Earning it and Making it: 1 en 2
– Creating Viral Advertising Campaigns: 1 en 2
Jumpstarting WOM: How to Get People Talking
– Managing WOM: Who should own word of mouth marketing? Do it yourself or bring in an agency? How do you managing WOM across multiple media?: 1, 2 en 3
– Identifying, Reaching, and Motivating Key Influencers: 1, 2 en 3
Tracking the Online Conversation and Measuring Campaign Effectiveness

Er staan ook nog uit diverse branches Lessons Learned, maar die heb ik hier niet opgenomen. Smullen maar!

Met dank aan Richard Osinga op MarketingFacts.

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