Hé that’s great! A study on experiences. But now on the experiences of website usages (pdf). I found it at Emergence Marketing and it is conducted by The Media Management Center, along with the Online Publishing Association. A brief summary:

"Consumer experience is a critical concept to understand and act on
in an environment where there are seemingly infinite media choices but
finite human attention. For online publishers, it means going beyond
providing content that gets good user satisfaction ratings to finding
ways to involve and engage users’ minds and emotions."

The 22 customer experiences which drives website usage are:

  • Entertains and absorbs me
  • Looks out for people like me
  • Regular part of my day
  • My personal timeout
  • A credible, safe place
  • Connects me with others
  • Touches me and expands my views
  • Makes me smarter
  • Turned on by ads
  • Easy to use
  • Helps and improves me
  • Worth saving and sharing
  • Tailored for me
  • Guides me to other media
  • Makes me feel I belong
  • A way to fill my time
  • Gives me something to talk about
  • My guilty pleasure
  • Tries to persuade me
  • Too much
  • Worries me
  • Annoyed by the ads

"Some – such as “Connects me with others” and “Worth saving and sharing” – reflect the value consumers place on interactivity. Others – “Makes me smarter,” “Touches me and expands my views,” and “Helps and improves me” – focus on self-betterment.
Still another set of experiences – “Looks out for people like me,” “Tailored for me,” and “My personal timeout” – reflects the strength of personalization. Among all identified experiences, several, including, “Regular part of my day” and “Gives me something to talk about,” are common to online and print (newspaper and magazine) media."

I like the content. Especially the section with all the statements made by respondents to describe their thoughts and feelings about, benefits from, and relationship with the site.

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