John Earnhardt (below in the video) (@urnhart on twitter), Cisco’s blogger-in-chief and senior manager of media relations, explaines how video production has been distributed throughout the company. “Seeing someone and hearing them is much more impactful than the written word,” he says. And you have to be authentic, transparent and credible.

Cisco: ‘Why vlogging is better than blogging’ from JD Lasica on Vimeo.

“We don’t want to spend a lot of time editing videos that will get 500 to 10,000 views,” John Earnhardt said. Cumulatively, the return on investment for using video is “a no-brainer,” he also said. “If you factor in the cost of the camcorders and training time, the ROI is 4 cents per video view and dropping”.

“The real hurdle is just starting [the process]: getting the camera, teaching people how to get the video up on the Web,” Earnhardt said. “The real message is to just go out there and do it.”

Thanks to Social Media Biz and especially to JD Lasica (@jdlasica on twitter) for putting this online.