Open_source_marketingVia Micro Persuasion kwam ik terecht bij ChangeThis waar een werkelijk prachtig manifesto te vinden is over Open Source Marketing. Een comment op de weblog van Steve Rubel is de moeite waard:
“It’s much bigger than just marketing. I think it’s quite possible that we’re seeing more data points that indicate a broader customer remix culture that is emerging.
Marketing is perhaps the most noticable, as the output from marketing is typically “content” that can be altered by a customer in an “open source” manner. But customers are “remixing” everything:
– demos (a la SocialText)
– training (a la SafariU)
– support (there’s a great story via the link above on how customers are helping each other in the aisles of the big-box hardware stores)
– Even the products themselves are being remixed…think Firefox in the digital realm (thank you, Firefox extensions!), but even physical goods…think Monster Garage.
Every aspect of the whole product can and will be remixed if the customer has the motivation to do so.”

Open_source_marketing2De reactie hierboven is een comment van Christopher Carfi. We kwamen al meer van hem tegen in mijn posting over Social Customer Manifesto waar MarketingFacts ook al eens over schreef.