I came across a presentation of Forrester Research: ‘The Emerging Worker And Implications For Training’ and found some interesting reflections about a new group: the Millenials.

What are the charasteristics of these Millenials?

  • They were born between 1980 and 2000
  • Technology is pervasive in their lives
  • Using multiple communication devices is essential
  • Technology use replaces the workaholic style
  • They are creative, independent, and like innovation
    Materialism, having fun, and making a good salary are important
  • They expect a positive work environment

Read below more about this group and download the MindMap.

These youngsters say:

  • "Technology has made my life easier"
  • "I am constantly looking for new ways to entertain myself."
  • "I publish or maintain a Weblog once a week or more"

What does that mean?

  • Young people are comfortable with technology
  • Training on the tools is less important
  • Young people are more willing to use new tools
  • Young people are looking for entertainment
  • They handle (and expect) multiple tasks
  • They expect graphical, highly intuitive user interfaces

The linear approach to training conflicts with Millennials’ learning styles:

  • Provide a multitasker’s online environment
  • Give them access to each other
  • Let them teach veterans about the possibilities
  • Deliver pull-based training integrated with tasks

The Recommendations:

  • Integrate technology into as many learning experiences as possible
  • Deliver work experiences that involve collaboration
  • Provide opportunities to “mess around” with new technologies
  • Introduce new technologies quickly but be aware of the human element
  • Arrange the working environment to foster idea sharing

I have added the Millenials in a MindMap so you can compare them with older generations: Mindmap Millenials: contrast of generations (pdf)