Forrester Research did a benchmark survey on how 70,000 US and Canadian households adoption and use technology.

The outcomes, which are part of a teleconference session on September 1st:

  • Three times as many technology optimists as pessimists use the Internet
  • frequently.
    Broadband is just now reaching the mainstream.
  • Home networking is stalled below 10% of households.
  • Half of 18-25-yr-olds use cell phones for long distance.
  • Sharing photos is the fourth-most popular online activity.
  • This is the device decade of the century.
  • Three percent of households publish blogs; 6% read them.
  • Internet nomads watch 3 hours per week less TV.
  • Twice as many technology optimists as pessimists shop online.
  • The importance of brand is at a new (low) level.

You can see detailed information about each topic in this powerpoint presentation: the surprising facts about consumers and technology (ppt 1.1 mb)