Er wordt veel geschreven over weblogs en wikis de laatste tijd. Maar hoe zit het met deze toepassingen in het bedrijfsleven? Frankwatching heeft het uitgezocht en komt met een samenvatting. Enkele opvallende uitspraken uit die samenvatting over weblogs en wikis die de moeite waard zijn om te lezen staan hieronder:

– how easy the blogs are to update
– the death of traditional PR
– the increased listening power that blogs bring
– that people who write in response to a blog posting expect to be listened to
– Microsoft uses wikis to gather customer input and ideas.
– The trend in commercial products is towards combined systems that have features from both blogging systems and wikis as well as full audit trails and version control.
– blogs shift focus from the sometimes hubristic to the collaborative, from the individual to the group
– Currently much information flows via email. This leads to a number of problems
– the problem of simply missing a message in the hundreds that people receive each day. Having centralized information sources with RSS feeds solves this problem.
– A further advantage is saving time.
– I wouldn’t be surprised to see steps being taken down that path that result in wikis being able to do a large proportion of the useful functionality of CMS.
– Wikis suffer from the particular problem that it is easy to “lose” pages that have been written if nobody has linked to them.
– cut down on email and increased productivity significantly by using this system for day-to-day coordination, scheduling and requests.