The cassandra reportTrendCentral heeft een rapport uitgebracht “The Cassandra Report.” Daarin worden trends besproken uit het dagelijkse leven van 14 tot 34 jarigen. Vandaag deel 1: Wat is Cool?
Enkele uitspraken:

What is cool?

“Cool is not concerned with being cool, the latest trend, being hip and happening; it cannot be labeled…it’s the mere act of being just yourself."
Deborah, 32, Salt Lake City

"Staying true to yourself an your beliefs and not following what you see on TV or in other media that is marketed as ‘cool’."
Matthew, 21, Atlanta

What makes a brand cool?

"A brand is cool when it’s constantly staying up-to-date with the current trends but also provides a certain amount of consistency."
Heather, 19, Philadelphia

"Quality, a sense of humor, originality, honesty, and creativity in concept/design/utility."
Bayla, 23, Boston

What makes a person cool?

"Confidence and when they are too busy to follow trends and are doing interesting things with their life."
Lisa, 18, Portland

"A willingness to take risks, the ability to
cross traditional group stereotypes, and having a wide variety of
interests and types of friends."
Matthew, 22, Los Angeles