Forrester heeft een trendrapport uitgebracht met bovenstaande titel. Het is niet toegestaan het complete rapport te verspreiden, daarom hieronder de belangrijkste conclusies.
– The expanding numbers of broadband households.
– It’s getting (a little) easier to connect things.
– Devices are finally getting beautiful — and usable.
– The rise of online digital content services.
– Mobile is no longer just for voice.
Devices Tied To Content Or Services Will Surge; Devices Without Will Falter.
– Media Center PC: evolution not revolution.
– Portable media players will stall.
– MP3 players will continue to sell — but the format wars will get ugly.
– Bottom-up network adapters will begin to pipe music around the home. With
– Phones will keep getting smarter, but smartphones will remain niche.
– Camera phones will outsell digital cameras.
– Tones on phones will go beyond 30 seconds.
– Devices will put messaging ahead of voice.
– DVD-playing laptops will keep the kids quiet — and IM-ing — on vacation.
– New home game consoles will go into hype overdrive.