I got a nice mail from Trevor M. Hall of the Viterbo University of Wisconsin. He has read my blog for what’s possible 😉 and foudn my interest in Servant Leadership. Well that’s the thing Trevor is heavily involved in as assistant director of the MA in Servant Leadership. And what is especially interesting is that is blogging about it. His blog: Servant Leadership Blog is a great tool in spreading the word. He started on July 23th.
Great postings on the importance of servan leadership, servant leadership in work a.s.o.

In one of his last postings he wrote:

1. The old command-and-control approach to leadership is no longer effective in today’s knowledge economy where people’s knowledge and skills play a key role; 

2. Servant-leadership works well with the newer generation who do not
wish to be told what to do but prefer to participate in analyzing
situations, making decisions and exploring options.

This is great! Thanks for your email Trevor.