I found a very interesting presentation about Experience Marketing (pdf) in the posting of Jeff Kallay. He found it at the e-Strategic Research Consulting Group.

The summary of the presentation:

1. Brand marketers which succeed in the experience economy will use creativity to compete in uncontested market space that leaves their competitors behind while offering a novel approach to solving customer’s needs.
2. In today’s time crunched world, you are competing for someone’s time as much as their wallet. How much time are they spending with your brand? Consumer’s invest their time with brands that make them feel special.
3. To succeed in the experience economy, brand managers will need to focus on the brand as an emotional experience rather then as a set of features and functionality.
4. The individual, not the network, the studio, or the cable operator, becomes the broadcaster in the future, deciding what, when and where they will consume media. You must win an invitation to their show to succeed.