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The conclusions of Forrester Research’s report Podcasting for Marketers (pdf, after registering):

European consumers:

  • Have the access and the devices
  • Already download free content.
  • Could flock to podcasts in greater numbers than their US cousins.

Read in the continue section a lot more about this subject. Also with figures in ppt and excel.

Potential European Podcast Consumers Are Young Early Adopters, who:

  • Have online experience.
  • Listen to Internet radio.
  • Want exclusivity.
  • Are not swayed by free content.

– Popdcasting is still new; but some companies recognize opportunity

– Innovative Brands Are Quick Off The Mark

– Popdcasting offers moren then just radio; it brings brands a captive niche audience with the following advantages:

  • A niche but attentive audience
  • Repeat consumer exposure via RSS.
  • Consumer P2P power.

Audio is just the start:

  • Videocasting will be next — and it’ll be big
  • Advertising revenue models will go global
  • The brand opportunity goes beyond the audio stream

Figure: Europe’s Potential Podcast Consumers Have The Tools (ppt, excel)
Figure: Young Owners Of MP3 Players Are The Most Avid Downloaders (ppt, excel)
Figure: Podcast Content And Funding (ppt, excel)
Figure: Podcasting Differs From Radio (ppt, excel)

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