IK schreef al eerder over projectblogs. Vandaag las ik op CorporateBlogging.info dat Projectblogs wel eens de meest zinvolle manier is van corporate weblogs. Twee voorbeelden worden genoemd:
“In one situation, the project was in the requirements analysis stage, and workshops were taking place to map out the business processes. The outcomes were posted on a daily basis as and when they happened – so not only did people know what was going on, but there was also the facility for rapid feedback.”
“In another, the blog was used by the ‘project champion’ in each affected area of the business as a way of introducing themselves to the organisation, and talking about what the impact of the project would actually mean. Over the course of several months they were able to explain what was going on in a way that would have been impossible by simply ‘broadcasting’ through email and glossy brochures.”

Er wordt ook verwezen naar de weblog van Cutting Through waar ook over dit onderwerp geschreven wordt.