Ogilvy Asia has published a whitepaper called: "Executive Blogger’s Guide to building a nest of Blogs, Wikis & RSS ". It is a great introduction written by it’s president Christopher Graves.

The content:

- Welcome to the Blogosphere: The End of Top-Down Talk
- What are Blogs?
- How Powerful Have Blogs Become?
- The Unique Characteristics of Blogs
- Business Blog Examples
- How To Use RSS Newsreaders
- Searching and Monitoring Blogs
- Launching Your Blog
- Corporate Policies and Blogging
- Blog Backfires
- Moblogs & Vblogs
- Wikis
- Conclusion:Your Game Plan
- Glosarry
- Appendix: The Corporate Weblog Manifesto by Robert Scobleizer

Worth reading I think.

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