Darren Rowse van ProBlogger heeft MyBlogLog enkele vragen gesteld. MyBLogLog is een aardige tool waarmee je de uitgaande links kunt tracken.
ProBlogger – Do you track clicks that come from links that are images?
MyBlogLog – We do track image links.
ProBlogger – Are you able to track Google Adsense links?
MyBlogLog – We do not yet track Google Adsense, but we’re working on it.
ProBlogger – Do you have plans to (or the current ability to) track which pages on a blog the clicks are coming from?
MyBlogLog – Tracking which pages the clicks are coming from is definitely in the works. It’s a bigger challenge than just tracking the links, so we didn’t want to hold up the launch for that feature.
ProBlogger – Do you have an affiliate program or some way of paying a commission to bloggers that refer paying customers to you?
MyBlogLog – We will be setting up an affiliate program soon. We didn’t expect this level of enthusiasm so quickly, so a lot of things are coming to a head sooner than expected. So much for a “soft” launch!