Ah just saw the diary of Polly Varcher about her Wings around Britain project. I already did some blogpostings, photos and a videoblog with my flight about this great project. And below you can find a quote of the text from her diary she wrote of that marvellous day:

Wed 23 May A hectic day – first a great reception at Newtownards, a little airstrip where Ron Armstrong the Chairman of the Flying Club came to meet me accompanied by some ATC cadets. There was a real link with this small airfield as Sir Douglas Bader opened the new flying club building. As ‘Flying Scholarships for the Disabled’ was established in memory of him there was already a bond. We had the usual round of photos with journalists and a TV company. Everyone was so friendly and I was soon taking off once more waving frantically to all my newly made friends and with a final wing waggle I was on my way to Aldergrove. Here I was to meet with Judith Thompson who has Spina Bifida. She was to be my first disabled passenger in Northern Ireland and also the first one who had never flown before. She was naturally anxious, but determined to come. Hans was there with the new electronic tablet with Jeppview, an electronic form of maps and charts for me to have on my knee. Hans had come over from Holland specially to film me using the new equipment and to fly with me. He was to fly in the back. We were just loading Hans into the back when who should arrive but Chris Pearson from the British Forces Network who I had last seen in Belize on my polar flight! He is coming tomorrow to meet me at Belfast City. The flight with Judith and Hans was magic. It was wonderful to take Judith who was rather nervous but seemed to enjoy everything except a couple of bumpy patches and was nervous when we turned.”