Dit is de 2e posting waarin ik enkele citaten en uitspraken uit het boek The BIG Picture van Dennis Littky op een rijtje zet. Ter inspiratie. De eerste posting vind je hier.

– students need to feel that the school is a safe place
– schools put knowledge into boxes called subjects and separate things that are not separate in the real world
– learning is about what we call the three Rs: relationships, relevance and rigor
– learning is not something you can split up into 45-minutes blocks or confined subjects
– fun and hapiness are two of the most important factors in a good school
– when a school is different everyday, it’s exciting and kids are excited about learning
– part of everyday different are celebrations
– students must be part of a democratic environment
– a silent school is not a school at all
– communication is the lifeblood of education
– first cultivate a culture of trust and respect
– if kids are going to be respectful, they must feel respected
– all the things we adults want to say are so much more powerful when other kids are saying them
– I look at every time I deal with a kid as a moment when the culture of my school is being set
– create an atmosphere which is best for kids
– why don’t they just build small schools in the first place?