5 senses

Millward Brown heeft onderzoek gedaan naar het effect van de zintuigen op het merk en de loyaliteit van klanten bij een merk. Uit de studie blijkt dat merken die een beroep doen op alle zintuigen een sterke identiteit hebben en relevante en inspirerende waarden vertegenwoordigden.

De conclusies:
– People who recalled multiple senses for a brand were more likely to think that it was important to choose a specific brand than those who did not.

– Across all of the brands surveyed, sight tended to play a supporting role to the other senses.
– Taste, touch and smell are intimately involved in creating a great brand experience and continued loyalty.
– Nearly a third of consumers surveyed claim the ability to distinguish one car brand from another by the sound of their doors closing.
– Sight does not have a significant relationship with experience across the brands studied, but wields influence through creating perceptions of leadership and clarity.

– Sensory synergy is achieved when all senses work to a common theme.