Ok. We saw the impressive list of IBM employee blogs and some of the weblogs of Microsoft employees. Now we can see which of the employees at Google and Yahoo are blogging. In the ‘more section’ you can find the list.
Ask yourself: Why are they blogging?


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Yahoo! employee weblogs:

  1. Bill Turner
  2. Eric Burke
  3. Ernie Web developer
  4. Jeremy Zawodny: Engineer (Yahoo Search)
  5. JR Conlin
  6. Ken Rudman: product manager at Yahoo-owned Overture
  7. Michael J. Radwin: Software Engineer
  8. Naveen Jamal
  9. Ravi Dronamraju
  10. Russell Beattie
  11. William Reardon

Google employee weblogs:

  1. Alma Whitten: general computer security, and usability and user centered design for computer security (HCISec)
  2. Adam Bosworth
  3. Ben Goodger: Firefox lead engineer
  4. Biz Stone: Blogger Senior Specialist (Blogger)
  5. Bo Cowgill
  6. Bret Taylor
  7. Chris DiBona: Open Source Program Manager
  8. Colin Smith
  9. Darin Fisher: Firefox lead engineer
  10. Dave Barr
  11. Devinoch: Adwords Representative (Adwords)
  12. Doe Mountain
  13. Douwe Osinga: Search Engineer (Google’s European Engineering Office)
  14. Eric Case (Blogger)
  15. Graham Waldon (Blogger
  16. Greg Rae: Log Analyzer
  17. Greg Stein: Engineering Manager (Blogger)
  18. Jason Shellen: Program Manager (Blogger)
  19. Jeremy Lilley: Software Engineer
  20. Joe Beda: Software developer in Seattle
  21. John Hawkins
  22. Joseph
  23. Josh MacDonald
  24. Kenny Smith
  25. Kevin Fox: User Interface Designer
  26. Kimbalina: Contractor-to-hire (Blogger)
  27. Mark Ayzenshtat
  28. Mark Jen (at San Francisco) got fired because of blogging
  29. Natala Menezes: Account Manager
  30. Nelson Minar: Web API Engineer
  31. Oliver Deighton
  32. Ovidiu Predescu
  33. Paul Watson: information security engineer
  34. Paul Haahr: Software Engineer
  35. Sanjay G. Mavinkurve
  36. Tan Chade-Meng: Software Engineer
  37. Wesley Chan: Product Manager/Staff photographer
  38. Will McNair