Debbie Weil has a great blog called BlogWrite for CEOs. She is also writing a book. All coporate stuff, all formal things. And now she is asking herself, Why being so formal, writing in corporate speak? Why such long sentences? And I thingk she’s right! I feel the same. If I write about formal topics it is difficult to have your personal tone. Hé you want to make things clear you know! You want to make you point huh. Duh! Why in such a written language like a book. A blog is not a book! Gues what. It is also not speaking to one anthoter face to face. Actually it is both. A blog is somewhere in between written and spoken language. Ahh that could be the reason that I find it difficult to set the tone of voice.

Great Debbie! Your message to self:  "So Debbie, listen up… cut the corporate-speak on your blog and just… say it."

I also  could give this a try. So if you see me experimenting with my tone of voice? Now you know. First I start reading the slides Debbie posted on. And oh by the way, this posting was also some experiment. Did you notice it? Hope so. Let me know.