Great to see all these video’s on Adam Curry’s keynote. This one (wmv 32 min.) is far better then the one before. That’s the reason I want to share it with you. Larger screen, good shooting (even if it is handshooting) and better audio. It is from Ross from Neternity. Great!
For the Treo 600/650 there is also a version! Wow. Amazing that stuff. Here are the details: 160 x 160, DivX and 41.8 meg. And here is the video player for the Treo in case you do not have one. Well Maarten how does this show up on your Treo? Let me know.

And here are the BitTorent links of Ross Button:

Lots of good photo stuff more there about Gnomedex. I found this on Garfields blog in the comments.

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