De eerste reacties op het event Les Blogs wil ik jullie niet onthouden:

“Thank you Loic for that exciting rejuvenating day. Great panelists. Great people. Great atmosphere. The future is happening now like it never did before, and you brought it to our beloved city of Paris. Congratulations again, and long live Les Blogs ! “

“ I already said it, and I will blog it: having organized a large tech conference three years in a row, Les Blogs was really outstanding for an event organized in less than 5 weeks. Great turnout, great crowd, and super ambiance. I’m glad that such an event took place in Paris, and count me in for next year. “

“ Each and every single expertise brought forth has shed a little more light on the bloggosphere. It gave me the chance Ii needed to better understand the submerged part of this enourmous iceberg (it is as i feared: only economics are listened to…). Still It was intense, it was pleasant. it was rough.”

Er zullen er vast nog wel meer reacties komen.

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