Ik kwam vandaag op de site van het Virtueel Platform terecht. Een heel inspirerende site met veel informatie als je even de moeite neemt om er rond te neuzen.
Dit schrijven ze over zichzelf:
“The Virtual Platform is a network for policy and cooperation in the field of new media and ‘living culture’ in the Netherlands. Its aim is to further the free development and application of ICT and free access to ICT within culture in general and in the arts in particular.
The Virtual Platform has the role of link between partners in the cultural/creative sector and between culture and other sectors (education, social organizations, media, commerce). The VP has access to information on new media culture in the Netherlands, stimulates the setting up of joint projects, coordinates dialogue, profiles new media culture in the Netherlands and abroad, advises the government and other sectors on policy, and presents new developments in new media to a wide audience.”