It seems that coComment has real problems. You may experience long loading time here. Sorry for that. Especially on the sidebar. This is because the widget of coComment is the last thingy which is loading in a seperate page and so the whole posting cannot be loaded, thus creating the sidebar not to load.
The website cannot be reached and there is no communication of coComment at all if they have problems and what the timeframe of implementing the solution will be.
So I Google on problem cocomment and saw the posting on steves2cents. Apparently he reached their blog….I do not know what their blog is so I cannot read it. But as I understand it right, coComment has severe DNS problems and must switch over to another hoster.
Steve even removed coComment. I think I will do that to today, because the problem causes bad performance on indiviual postings.
I hope they read this and can tell us what the problem is and when it will be solved.