Via inter-net-viewer kwam ik bij dit bijzondere weblog terecht van Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide. Ze webloggen zelf en hebben onderzoek gedaan naar het effect van webloggen op onze hersenen.
Wat doen ze?
“Daily blog articles related to brain-based learning and education, learning differences, and learning disabilities, including gifted and visual learners, autism, dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, sensory, visual, or auditory processing difficulties and more.”
En waar gaat deze posting over?
“During the past five years, blogging has exploded from virtual non-existence into an important and influential sociocultural force. Recent survey data indicate that there are now nearly 10 million bloggers, 90% of whom are between the ages of 13 and 29 years old. This incredible upsurge in activity has caused us to wonder: What effect is all this blogging having on the brains of bloggers?”
Wat zijn de conclusies?
“After surveying the general range of materials that the blogosphere has to offer, we believe the following basic largely supportive conclusions are warranted:
1. Blogs can promote critical and analytical thinking
2. Blogging can be a powerful promoter of creative, intuitive, and associational thinking
3. Blogs promote analogical thinking.
4. Blogging is a powerful medium for increasing access and exposure to quality information
5. Blogging combines the best of solitary reflection and social interaction”

“In conclusion, it looks as if blogging will be very good for our brains. It holds enormous potential in education, and it could take societal communication and creative exchange onto a whole new level.”

Kortom: we moeten nog meer bloggen!
Ze hebben nog een site over dyslexie, leerstijlen enz. Zeer de moeite waard!