Tony Vincent is onderwijzer en bezig met handhelds in het onderwijs:
“Planning for Handhelds in Teaching and Learning
I’ve set up this web log on as an example for my Spring 2005 graduate students. I’m requiring each student to maintain a blog to reflect on what he or she learns in and out of class. I’m very interested in reading the blog posts and any comments made to those posts by the class.
Blogging and using handhelds are not so different. You can actually blog from a handheld, read blogs on a handheld, or blog about handhelds. There’s lots of possibilities and I know my graduate students will find many connections between the two technologies and apply them to teaching and learning!”

Hij is net met dit experiment begonnen. Het is dus interessant te volgen hoe het verloopt. Hij begint in ieder geval enthousiast en volgens mij geeft hij kookles of zo:
“Class starts tomorrow!
I’m excited for Spring 2005’s class to start tomorrow. I’ve got all of the handouts and slideshows ready to go for the first session. Tonight my task will be to make a killer pot of chili. I hope my class enjoys my cooking, but at the same time, I hope there are leftovers! “