“A shift is taking place in corporate communications, one that promises to alter marketing strategies well into the future. Marketing has always been about balancing company interest with customer interest, but now it is becoming more about opening dialogue and building trust. Blogs, after having gained widespread notoriety during the 2004 presidential election, have moved beyond individual ranting and into the corporate world, enhancing typical marketing techniques by allowing companies to talk to their customers directly–and by allowing companies to listen to what customers are saying.”

This is the introduction of a great posting on destinationCRM.com which I found at Steve Rubel’s weblog Micropersuasion. What most attracked my attention is this interesting graphic. Steve is all about the lips he says. Hhmm if I read this I think most of the items are important. But the passion thing is the most close to me. Writing about subjects which I am passionate about, but combining them with corporate issues such as trends and new (social software) technologies. And with my  ‘blog-thing’ I can communicate this with my colleagues and people who find it interesting to read. Not pushing the information to them, but let them choose if and when they need the info. So self-steering in a sense. I like this way of connecting and sharing. Yes in my case it has a lot to do with the combination of passion and technology. What is your ‘anatomy’?

Anatomy of a corporate blogger