A what? Squidoo? Ok, ok, you can read more in the FAQ. But to say it short: “Find hand-built, recommended, relevant information fast”. And it is launched by Seth Godin! Imagine all kinds of subject matter experts brought together in one place! And because it has webfeeds (RSS) you can subscribe to the Squidoo pages. Really cool. They call this page a ‘lens’. And of course there are lensmasters.
I found this Squidoo page for Experience Economy of Aycan. That’s the lensmaster of this page. Martijn Hulst has found a squidoo on hospitalmarketing. Everyone can become a lensmaster by signing up.
Squidoo has tagclouds, a topics lists, and a lot of top 100s. Wanna read the blog? Think of a lens as storytelling, as a book.
Wow this is great! And Seth published an ebook on this. You can download Everyone is an Expert here.

Thanks for the tip: Masie Center

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