Wew! Tja als dat eens waar wordt. Jim Nail legt in ieder geval even uit waarom dat zo zal zijn in: The Outlook for Corporate Blogs. Hij ziet 5 indicatoren waarom er een doorbraak zal zijn:

Indicator #1: Mainstream industries join the corporate blog list.
Indicator #2: Corporate blogging topics are diversifying.
Indicator #3: Interest in best practices continues to grow.
Indicator #4: Positive results decrease the fear factor.
Indicator #5: Social media can be a source of market insight.

Hij concludeert:

“2006 was the year for early adopters of corporate blogs. Based on these indicators, 2007 is shaping up to be the year that the fast followers will kickstart corporate blogging. This wave will spur greater experimentation with topics, audiences and formats, leading more companies to jump into the blogosphere.”

Op Marketingfacts noemt Marco ook nog even de case van corporate blogging voor e-commerce van Ice.com.

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