As you may know I had a real nasty problem with the production of Camtasia screencasts. The last 10 or 15 seconds of the audiorecording was skipped. Solved that with all kinds of tricks: inserting a slide, recording another track a.s.o. But know TechSmith has a workaround and extended my evaluation period with 15 days. Great support.
Read below how the audio problem can be solved.

From TechSmith support:

"At this point it is looking like the conflict is being caused by the version of
the MP3 codec that you have installed on your system. In some tests, we have
found that removing the Fraunjoft (Professional) version of the codec and
replacing it with the Fraunhofer (Advanced) version seems to resolve the
problem. Our developers are still looking at this issue to track down just why
the (Professional) version of the codec is causing this problem for some

The current workaround is to remove the (Professional) version of
the codec and install the (Advanced) version. You can do this by first going to
the Windows Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers > Audio
Codecs > Properties and "Remove" the Fraunhofer (Professional)

Then, install the (Advanced) version of the MP3 encoding codec
byvisiting the following site and click the Download Now button below the image
to download the installation file for Windows Media Encoder v7:

installing the Windows Media Encoder, the Device Manager should now show the
Fraunhofer (Advanced) version of the codec and allow the production of your
projects without the audio problem."