wmode transparent tubepress

Great thing fixed! Standard Tubepress installion comes with the problem that pulldown menu’s disappear behind the video as you can see in the picture. You can see the Tubepress at work on my videopages in the menu. Great plugin as it shows all or some youtube video’s from playlists a.s.o. without the need to enter them by hand when a new one is uploaded. But I did not like the effect of the pulldown menu being behind the video. But how to fix this. You cannot enter some code in the youtube video’s in Tubepress.

I did not know how to solve this problem. So opened an issue at the Google Forum of Tubepress. And great to see social media working again. Within 3 days the owner of the plugin solved it and posted it on the forum!

Just add:

$link->setQueryVariable(‘wmode’, ’transparent’);

at line 58 in the file:


which you can find here: sys/classes/org/tubepress/impl/embedded/strategies/

Everything is fine now as you can see on the videopages and the thumbnail of this posting. Great work!!