heeft de juni versie van zijn nieuwsbrief uitgebracht. Dit keer gaat het over de Twinsumer trend. Wat houdt deze trend in:

“Consumers looking for the best of the best, the first of the first, the most relevant of the relevant increasingly don’t connect to ‘just any other consumer’ anymore, they are hooking up with (and listening to) their taste ’twins’; fellow consumers somewhere in the world who think, react, enjoy and consume the way they do.”

In de zeer uitgebreide nieuwsbrief met legio voorbeelden komen aan bod:
– collaborative filtering
– profiles
– communities

“All of this is just the beginning, as the Digital Generation will be the first group of consumers to grow up with all these new tools and peer-to-peer options:
they’re ready to contribute
their tens of millions of personal profiles, blogs, homepages are already up and running (whether it’s on Yub, MSN Space, Blogger,, Friendster, FunHi, Epinions, Hi5, Cyworld, Meetup,, or
they’re willing to try out all things NOT mass, and
they’re certainly not impressed by traditional (producer) power and authority.”

“Add to that more sophisticated, open source collaborative filtering, consolidation leading to even bigger sites literally listing, rating and reviewing ALL products and players, big and small, in any B2C industry, while partnering with ever-more powerful price comparison engines and review specialists (long overdue: meets Expedia meets Tripadvisor). Oh, expect reviews to become more visual and real-time and entertaining (and potentially devastating) as well. And wait for clever consumers to make serious money from their reviews and suggestions. Personal profiles will become more multi-media (and thus more informative) as well.”

Kortom: een zeer lezenswaardig verhaal waarin veel trends samen komen: user in control, communicatieve zelfsturing, conversaties en imagineering.  Ook te lezen op MarketingFacts en Frank-ly.

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