I read this. Do you recognize these reasons why you are scared in implementing a social media strategy?

1- Employees will waste time with social media.
2- Haters will damage our brand.
3- We’ll lose control of the brand.
4- Social media requires a real budget! It’s not really cheap, or free.
5- They’re scared they’ll be sued.
6- They’re scared of giving away corporate secrets or that information on social networks will affect the stock price.

Ok, but what about this comment?

Social Media marketing is a real life example of chaos theory. You set the initial conditions and let it roll, reassess, reset conditions, re-roll. Time and money are definitely committed in such a scenario, and should be. But never before has there been the opportunity for your brand to become viral. To use the above excuses to not participate or have a social media strategy is very short sighted.

Hhmm still time to think things over I think. Time is changing very rapidly. If you are not in social media you actually do not exist virtually. Woosh!