I am a fan of Frederick, our Swedish guy. And not just because we met on Les Blogs. He is in front of the trends. So also this posting is good to read. It is about a book called The MeWe Generation of the swedish think-tank Kairos Future. I have also subscribed to the feed of Kairos but missed this one. Great that with a posting of another weblogger you get noticed on this. But now this generation MeWe. If you read the preface (pdf) there is a lot of fresh stuff in it. A quote:

“What we see is an evolving world of individuals, with multi-faceted personalities, trying hard to maximise their opportunities. These individuals most value personal relationships and distrust everything and everyone they consider to be superficial. They are crying out for authenticity. They regard technology as simply being about gadgets used to keep their herd (which is huge) together. For them work and consumption are platforms for self-realization where they can meet friends and experiment with their identities. Our finding is that girls seems to be taking the lead in the race for the future, while boys are more easily satisfied, striving for a less stressfull life. This is the MeWe Generation: born individualists who still puts friends and relationships first.”