Tonight we had a great experiment with ustream. We did a conference with three persons. Betsy Weber from TechSmith (Camtasia Studio) in the US and Pierre Gorissen and I.
After some difficulties (ustream has no documentation) how to set up a conference, we managed to get together in one conference room in ustream. With a chatbox, video and audio.
Besty and Pierre also saw some other guy coming in (a still image?). Strange, because you just can join a conference by invitation and you must be on the friendslist. And the strange thing was. I did not see the guy.
We had some chit-chat and geeky talk and experiments. Betsy showed her desktop and move my videoscreen around smile_regular. You can see the conference in this short screencast. Just a rough cut. Now audio from us, because that was used by the conference (I think). But with music. Watch us geeking.




Download Windows Media Video (wmv, 2.33 mb 1 min 29 sec)
Download iPod video (wmv, 2.04 mb 1 min 29 sec)