Oke, after one week of experimenting and a lot of screencasts produced in several formats about different topics it is good to look back. What have I learned, what are the missing things? What I find most interesting was the learning curve I discovered. It is steep and fast. My learning how to use the tools, get an idea how and what and produce some ’things’ was a pleasant journey. Also it was very interesting to do (for me).
Discovering new tools, techniques and meeting new people in new
communities. I found myself working on casts late at night and early in
the morning. That is all about passion, innovation, grass root media,
citizen tools. Finding myself as a consumer generating media. Great,
cool! A real experience.

I uploaded screencasts to Google Video, ftp-ed my files to screencasting.nl (thanks Leopold!) subscribed myself to ourmedia and uploaded the first movie to their archive and the internet archive. Subscribed to vlogdir and mefeedia.
All great sources for grass root productions and consumer generated
media. Woew! What a world. User in control. Yes, that’s it. I can now
produce my own tutorials (being a teacher after all ­čśë )
Yesterday produced a testscreencast for eventblogs.nl. Will show up somewhere I think. Just installed FireANT
for aggregating feeds from video’s and ourmedia video uploader. All
handy tools. But in all those tools it is clear to me that
screencasting is just starting. I cannot find the category
screencast(ing) in all of them. Ok, I can enter my RSS feed of my screencast blog
as podcast in iTunes and upload my QuickTime screencast as movie in
ourmedia, but no screencasting categories. I cannot even find a
usergroup for screencasting. So it is just starting. I think I am a
kind of early adaptor. Must be. I will look around more to see if I can
find more interesting stuff. Because I want to connect and share. Not
just playing around in a dark room somewhere. No I want to share my
little things and learn from other. I will search in the archives of John Udell. And perhaps start a group on Yahoo or Ourmedia.
So where are you screencasters? John do you know?