Ok. I tried both: Twitter and Jaiku. But other people also want to see what it is. Well, difficult to explain. Better just try, or have a look. At this screencast video. Just a short introduction. Not a full blown comparison of the two, but it will do to see what is like when you are logged in. In Twitter and Jaiku. And, wehll hé let me know if you like Twitter or Jaiku or the screencast.
Click on one of the images to start the Windows (640×48) or QuickTime (320×240) version. Actually this QuickTime version is ipod-video-ready. Whooh must be fun to watch it on your ipod. If subscribed to my feed in iTunes it will do. It will synchronise your ipod video with this thing.
Or your could download the files. They are under the screencasts itself. And finally here are my Twitter page and my Jaiku page.

Twitter – Jaiku screencast


Download iPod video file (m4v, 26 mb, 13 min 49)
Download Windows Media Video (wmv, 49 mb, 13 min 49)

And when you read more, you will find the Dailymotion version of the screencast when loading times are long.