Sommigen van ons hebben terecht de vraag gesteld of het gebruik van een script voor MyBlogLog waarmee je uitgaande kliks kunt tracen wel veilig is. Ik stelde Eric van MyBlogLog daar een vraag over. Dit is zijn antwoord:
“Hans –
I understand your concern. With a script like this it is possible for a third party to do mess with content on your site. However, if we were to try something like that, all you would need to do is remove the javascript and everything would go back to normal.
More importantly, if we tried something like that, bloggers would post and everyone would know about it 12 seconds and everyone would cancel their service and we would go out of business.
As we say on our site, our goal is to make this easy on our members as possible. We are already working on several new features, like tracking which pages the clicks come from. If we dont host the javascript, we would have to continually ask our members to update their code. This is the opposite os easy ­čÖé
In the end it takes a measure of trust, and it’s okay if some people choose not to trust. We just want to do the greatest good for the most people we can.
This is a complex issue but I hope this gives you some understanding of why we’re hosting the code.

Ik moet zeggen dat de support en de manier waarop ze antwoorden getuigen van openheid en klantvriendelijkheid.