Ok. There they are! Podcasts and a weblog from Novell. Great! Hé, and they are produced by Novell Users International as you can read here. Ok, and these podcast are on the company website of Novell. Great to see a company really participating with users.
The debut show was on 21 Februari and the second one on 2 March. They appreciate feedback with questions for interviews in near future. Hé guys hit and run!
And of course they have a webfeed, both for Ogg and mp3. The name of the podcast is Novell Open Audio and this is what it is:

“Novell Open Audio features interviews with the people at Novell who are driving the technical direction of Novell, covering open source software, Linux, security and identity, and many other topics of interest.”

And also a blog! A coolblog. Yes that’s the name: Novell Cool Blogs. I like that! And of course they have a webfeed. And what do you think? Lots of news webfeed over here, or special Firefox webfeeds. Wanna produce their news on your website or blog? No problem. Here are the javascripts.
Ready? No!  I also found their Novell wiki page. Oops lots of info. Ok ok you have to create an account to edit the wiki. Hhmm……But they started. And I like it. Hé George did you already see these great resources?

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