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I just checked my BlogJet version and saw that there is a new version of it. With new cool features:

New Features

I specially like the pinging services. Now I added my complete list of these aggregator once and it is stored in BlogJet. Normally I copied and pasted it from Word. Also the Title and rel attributes seems alright to me. I can use it for example to create the Technorati tags easier. In near future there should be even a better way to insert Technorati tags. The title attribute creates hints. You can see som when you hover over the links. Ok, and this Auto Replace features. Wow! When I type a word it is replaced by a link!
Main reason why I did not use it much was the incorrect time in TypePad. Well that is solved. And a lot more is fixed:

Bug Fixes

  • Work-around for WordPress and TypePad date/time issue.
  • Now BlogJet can work via proxy with authentication.
  • Fixed issue with FTP proxy.
  • Fixed double trackbacks in TypePad and Movable Type
  • FTP password encryption.
  • Fixed: Insert Link window didn’t remove automatically http:// when inserting https:// of ftp:// links.
  • Fixed “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window”.
  • Fixed: error message when posting with image selected.
  • New connection core.