Last few days I was struggling on how to go on with the Le Web3 thing. I think the whole storm blows the wrong direction. People are too much defending or striking back. Too much fight. I do not like that. It does not help to go in the right direction. Althoug it makes some things clear to me. No, I think it is better to reflect on it in a way which helps us.

Let’s start here:

“Today, you need transparency and decency to run a business.” Shimon Peres, 12 december 2006

on Le Web3 and quoted by Alex Papanastassiou in his posting about Any lessons to be taken or has blogging taken a hit? I think that is the tone of voice which we could use. And when one is able to think in such a way new ideas show up as in this post and especially in the comments: Web conference hacked: what’s next?

I think in future these questions have to be answered for next conferences:
1. Do you want to be served in a restaurant from the standard menu? Giving you beef when you want beef.
2. Or do you want to give le chef de cuisine the opportunity to experiment in the kitchen? You can get duck when you ordered beef.
3. Or do you want to be on a cooking workshop on which everyone takes part in making their meals with all kinds of mashups and meanwhile chatting with each other?
4. Or are their also spectators watching the others in this workshop mixen and matching meals?

I personally think in the new age of prosumers (both producer and consumer) question 3 is most important. Cooking your own meal (and for others), inspired by ideas and findings of other recipies of participants and together eat the marvellous meals. With of course also some parts which you do not like to eat and which you can left aside. You just eat what you like. And of course it is good to know if the cooking workshop is about tapas, greek meals or chinese. Then you can decide to join because of your taste and your experience.

We are all chefs de cuisine and guests at the same time. We bring our own equipment and ingredients. We just need a kitchen, an energetic person start talking about it and collecting menus or ideas….. 

So happy cooking and eating next year!