Ok. Robert Scoble and Willem Mastenbroek asked for it. Now it is live: Hans on Experience on PDA or better Hans on PDA. With some help of Maarten Schenk of TypePad, who tipped me on PDA for MT of scriptygoddes I did some copying, pasting and tweaking.

“The purpose is to allow mobile web devices such as PDAs (PalmPilot, PocketPC,Visor) and cell phones to view your Blog without having to download all of the images, blogrolls, and link lists that may be on your front page. It also enables programs such as “AvantGo,” “Plucker” and “Mazingo” to download small versions of your page for offline viewing.”

You can find the link on the top of the column on the left, because this loads first. Willem, Robert, Fred is this fine for you? Those who have a pda or other mobile device please give it a try and let me know.

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