Hi Hans –

There was a fire at a power station in Chicago, causing a large power outage that took down a significant portion of the downtown area of the city. Though we host in a data center that boasts redundant power supply (including generators), the generators failed, causing a server outage with us and thousands of other companies who host their servers at this data center.

We’ve just resumed operation, we are checking the integrity of the database and are working to ensure everything is operating smoothly now that the power has been restored and the fire has been contained.
We’re sorry for the interruption, and we are already investigating how to protect our users from such a situation again. Dick (our CEO) is posting to our blog momentarily with some more details, and we will post updates as we make progress.

Thanks (as always) for using FeedBurner, and keep in touch.



Rick Klau
VP, Business Development

I will update this posting with more news to come.

Update 10.40u: Last update from our CTO: one table remaining in the database to repair, then we’re back at 100%. Should be ready in less than 5 minutes.


Update 10.45u: message on Feedburner blog: FeedBurner Outage

Update 10.50u: Counter is running. The application has an errormessage. They are aware of this and working on it. I think the support is good and friendly. My emails are answered immediately by Rick!

Update 10.53u: Emailmessage from Rick: "It’s Up". After checking: everything is fine now. Stats are ok and all feeds are being update now in feeddemon. Great support!