Wacom tablet
Yesterday Stan Segers from ReSQueL (his weblog: My Torn datapages) brought me his Wacom tablet. A kind of drawing tablet, so not a tablet PC. But interesting enough to try the handwritingfeature and installing options in Windows Vista.

The installationin Vista was just plug & play. Inserting the cable in the usb connector and Vista recognised the device and installed the drivers. After that I had to install a driver for automatic calibration of the tablet with the screensize. This driver is over here. Important remark: it is on the American website and not the European one! After installing this driver/app which was done automatically after downloading eveything worked fine.

Handwritingrecognition: Dutch language in English Vista!
And now the most exciting new! I can use dutch handwriting recognition in my english Vista without installing one bit. All the language for handwritingrecognition are already in Vista. Just a matter of setting the right checks in the control panel!
How this done? Well watch my short screencast (in Windows Media and iPod version)!



You can download the iPod file (m4v, 8 mb) and Window Media file (wmv, 11 mb).
(disclosure: Microsoft gave me Windows Vista for testing purpose on a Sony Vaio)